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Me Petsonal Care

Six characteristics:
Peng, bright, happy, soft, soothing, low-key Six Elements, as you show the charm! Natural Green glucosidase top gentle cleaning, care of your tender skin and hair. Trehalose, glycerol, healthy repair deep moisturizing, Trinity evolutionary mechanism, deodorant, antibacterial, balance oil so that the body continued to maintain fresh, exclusive thermoplastic hot air because the whole time, to quickly locate, good hair, good plastic blow. Multiple fragrance changes floral top notes, pink, fruity, warm integration after the transfer woody vanilla, delicate and unique flavor, and reveal to you and it's love. Dogs and Cats Genera

Bubble Rice Crème Bath for Pets

Bubble Rice Crème Bath for Pets is leading the trend of LOHAS beauty care for pets. With its rich history and cultural heritage, medicinal herbs, vast oceans and seas, and natural minerals, Asia offers a remarkable selection of nourishing and smoothing ingredients ideal for pet care beauty products.

Natural is finally here to stay, and “Rice” is fully-recognized for its beneficial attributes in beauty care products. This tiny grain is a true natural treasure for skin and hair beauty care - rice germ and rice bran contain 64% of all rice nutrition and are rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamin B1, vitamin E, ceramide and minerals - all essential elements for gentle skin and coat care. Rice starch offers exceptional moisturizing and is easily absorbed by skin cells for a better-balanced oil secretion.

Bubble Rice Bath Crème for pets only uses the best quality rice extracts to provide a complete Skin & Coat nourishment for your pets.

1022 Green Pet Care

YU Oriental Herbs Care for Pets Line

Delicate pet care line from Asia – Exclusive oriental herbs care

Oriental herbs have been nature’s most well-preserved secret. The exclusive YU Oriental Herbs Care for Pets product line introduces an exceptional selection of oriental ingredients with Peony, Lotus, Ginkgo, Coix seed, Astragalus, Formosa Apricot, Chinese Bellflower and Balsamina, to offer natural nourishment with fruity and floral fragrances for a healthy, charming and happy pet.

Yu Oriental Herbs Care for Pets reveals Asia’s herbal and floral extracts mysteries in beauty care and provide all-natural nourishment for your pets’ skin and coat. From bathing, special beauty care to intensive nourishment, your pets happily enjoy the nourishment of rare herbal and floral essences at all grooming moments.

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